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uprooted, interactive exhibition, dec '18

creative writing

I have written both for stage and screen, in prose and in verse, in English, Chinese and German.


My co-authored play The Folkman's Tale premiered this past May at RSC's The Other Place in Stratford-upon-Avon. I am the recipient of the Tom Matheson Prize for outstanding scholarly work in Theatre and Creativity for my creative verse translations of Elizabethan poetry into Chinese ci-poems and their back translations.

Currently, I am adapting, developing, and producing my feature screenplay with story artist and illustrator Lily Nguyen (Netflix) into a graphic novel.

I am open for commissions.

story consulting

Story consulting can be especially helpful if you're working across multiple mediums, for example between written word and image. Sometimes, what you think you say does not correspond with what is perceived - symbolism and history are influential players in the field of communication. I have helped align narratives for filmmakers and artists to achieve more clarity, coherence, and authenticity in their storytelling. It's quite simple and really fun.

Prior to a one-on-one session, I will analyse any script and visual material you might have and provide you with an in-depth feedback sheet. The session will focus on whatever you feel the strongest about. This might include character work, story arc, or overall concept.


Mozart's Requiem 1992. This night changes the paths of several stars in the cosmos: A banned girl with strange powers sits in the auditorium with the cancer sick daughter of the clarinetist in the orchestra. By the end of the concert, they will be in a spaceship together, trying to resolve their fates.

The foundation is for the adaptation process is my feature screenplay.


Each scene is broken down into storyboards/ thumbnail templates that establish the visual beats of the graphic novel.


Lily fills in the templates. After notes and revisions, the cleanup process begins in which the boards will turn to juicy art.







creative verse translation


gathered from all the land 

unite to know the sovereign’s heart.

Giving them to father’s old hand,

kindness likewise moves my love to guard.


Could he flinch at all at filial love?

I leave this new world, returning back home.

I take up armour, shielding father alone. 


english back translation


theatre play

the folkman's tale

LATE 70s, LONDON(-ish).

After folk legend Billie Knell has died, Imogen and her mother Rosie struggle to keep their Coffee House going, in spite of the influence her father has had on the music world. Once a centre for folk music and new art, Imogen feels stuck and responsible for its recent decline with the rise of what will be known as 'popular music'. She is joined by two characters from folk songs in her hour of need, and together, they venture to keep her father's legacy alive at all costs. But they haven't come to help her in the way Imogen's imagined exactly...

The Folkman's Tale premiered on 17 May 2019 at RSC's The Other Place in Stratford-upon Avon.


Imogen - Panka Paksuj

Frances / Hedgehog - Olivia Dutson

Joan / Pearl-haired Girl - Izabel Azar

Rosie - Rachel Bewley

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